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Ah, good evening. My name is Welman Matrix, and I will be your lecturer for the time being. My format is...sort of in question at the moment, but I'm sure we'll get along. I hail from the show called Reboot, and am the property of its makers at Mainframe Inc.

Hmmm, Mainframe. Strange coincidence... *Ahem*

Now, as some of you know, I am not a well-known character in the Reboot phenomenon, but apparently I am important, pivotal, and the subject of much discussion on the Net. To make a long story short, much of the situation found at the start of Reboot is, regrettably, my own doing. I am a sprite of science from a once-isolated system, enthralled by the belief that there is something outside the system of Mainframe. This was a proven fact, though I did not survive it, as my portal reached directly into the Super Computer, where a deadly virus was growing in strength. I brought the virus, Gigabyte, to Mainframe, before he overloaded my portal and reduced the Twin City to the Lost Angles that it is. This also created Megabyte and Hexadecimal, as well as reducing me to my sorry state.

*Note that the one speaking is a slug-like green thing with no eyes that can somehow speak*

Yes, I'm well aware of what I look like. I was nullified, reduced to a small blobbish green thing which sucks energy from any part of its body. It happened after the explosion. Megabyte knew. He kept me as his pet 'Nibbles'. Glad I don't remember too much of THAT. As you can see, though, I've done a little reviving. Oddly enough, thanks to Hexadecimal. I must say, it's rather nice being able to see my family again, though I'm a bit small son has been duplicated. Funny old world, this system. Alot of strange things can happen...

*The small creature seems to pause in thought for a moment before someone mutters something to him, just off-camera*

What? Oh, yes. I almost forgot. I'm basically being piloted for use at a place called [info]milliways_bar, where apparently the Reboot canon has been taken to a point after the Daemon Plot, in which I am currently to remain this renowned scientist in a null-body. It's just for fun and games, or so I'm told.
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